The Moon Family

Chapter One

The Moon legacy began years ago, when sweet Aliyah was brought into this world. Unfortunately, it was not with the warmest welcome. Her mother at the time was only three credits away from graduating college. Her father had graduated with a literary degree, and with dreams of becoming an esteemed author. However, the story does not begin with her parents, but with Aliyah. At a time when she feels it’s right to share it.

“You know what Stan? I gotta go.”

“Where do you think that you’re going? You can’t just leave in the middle of an argument!”

“Well some of us have to work. You know, at a real job, and earn real money. I swear if you didn’t knock me up…”

“You watch it! I have worked hard, and we both know it took two to get you knocked up. You’re not the only one with a failed career caused by pregnancy.”

“Failed career!? You started that stupid novel 7 years ago, it’s time to move on!”

“Okay, okay. What ever you say. You always win.”

“I’m going to go now. I can’t stand the sight of you.”

“Yes, of course dear. Have a nice day at work.”

Meanwhile… Sweet Aliyah spent her Monday afternoon alone, reading one of her favorite books.

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