The Sims 4: Discover University

The time has come! Well, we still have to wait until November 15th… While many are thrilled to hear about the latest expansion coming to the Sims 4, there seems to be question on whether or not this expansion can live up to the university expansions in the previous installments of the sims.

Unlike the skeptics, I am feeling pretty good about this expansion. As you can see in the trailer, there are many new objects, social interactions, a new world, and two universities added to the game.

  • Bikes! – Something we (me) have been waiting so long for. So far the closest thing to a vehicle was the broom from the most recently released pack -Realm of Magic.
  • Robots – What will they be able to do!?
  • Bathroom Stalls – Finally! No more single bathrooms for our public lots. (or private.. whatever floats your boat.)
  • Piercings – ‘Nuff said.
  • Shower Woohoo! – It’s back y’all!

What cannot be found in the trailer, but in their blog, is more than just some cool new objects and interactions:

  • Three New Careers (Teaching, Law, and Engineering)
  • Organizations that you can join: Art, debate, robotics and the secret society

I am hoping that with these additions, it will give us a much more rich game play experience that we all can love. Expansions give us an opportunity of infinite game play, whereas the game packs die out after completing the tasks/quests.

I cannot wait to Discover what else this pack has to offer.

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